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The Tempo Ultra series features both 2-way and point source solutions for those music aficionados who demand outstanding sonic performance and power while still getting tremendous overall value.

The Integra point source design was developed to reproduce a constant and coherent sound field. The Integra, as hinted at by its name, has a speaker with both woofer and tweeter that share a common chassis. Its recessed tweeter is concentrically aligned with the woofer cone, producing a constant and coherent sound field in all directions for a correct phase and improved time-alignment. Whether it is being used for rear-fill or as the main components for a front stage, the Tempo Ultra Integra will offer great dynamics, soundstage orientation, and neutrality.

Available in a 4” easy drop-in driver and 5”, 6”, 5×7” and 6×9” for efficient sizing and direct fitment in many factory locations.




Derived from the word “integrate”, Integra is a speaker consisting of both a woofer and tweeter that share a common chassis. Unlike a coaxial, its recessed tweeter is concentrically aligned with the woofer cone. This minimizes phase error and allows the sound field to be constant in all directions, creating a near-perfect time alignment.

MXR Crossover

Morel Crossover Resolution (MXR) system combines high-quality components and varying features that improve the sound presentation and overall sound quality of Morel’s systems. The MXR crossover system is designed to ensure that drivers integrate seamlessly with minimum loss of signal quality to preserve the natural and tonal balance of our speakers.

Paper cone

In use since the first loudspeakers, the paper continues to be an exceptional material of choice. Morel’s latest paper composite cones are ultra-lightweight, making them an exceptional pairing for drivers using smaller motors and voice coils.


Model Size & Configuration Power Handling (Wrms) Peak Power (W) Sensitiity (2.83V/1M)(dB) Frequency Response (Hz)
TEMPO ULTRA INTEGRA 402 4" Point source 60 140 85 80-22000
TEMPO ULTRA INTEGRA 502 5¼" Point source 100 220 89 55-22000
TEMPO ULTRA INTEGRA 602 6½" Point source 110 220 90 50-22000
572TEMPO ULTRA INTEGRA 402 5x7" Point source 100 220 90 60-22000
TEMPO ULTRA INTEGRA 692 6x9" Point source 140 250 92 50-22000


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